Fine Art

There are two sides to every story. My art has two sides, one side is fine art and the other commercial art. Both have very important places in my life. My fine art allows me to express myself. My artistic talent was noticed by my second grade teacher who told my mother to watch and nurture my gift. My fine art allows me to freely express myself, no matter how bizarre the intentions. I can paint, draw, sculpt and more using whatever color, form, texture that I want in any medium I want.

Commercial Art

My commercial art side is how I've been lucky enough to generate income for myself for decades. I've worked in type houses, print shops, and newspapers. I've worked as a silk-screener, an air brush artist, and sign painter. I "went corporate" and have been employed full-time for over 20 years providing graphics, technical illustrations, design and layout, and new product development. It all has art where being creative has a price tag.